</Open Call. /Essays: Thinking Out Loud>
Open call is finished. The results will be announced soon.

</odra> is a global open platform on contemporary art of the post-Soviet territories. We welcome artists, authors, curators, historians, art collectives to pitch an essay on a contemporary art topic of concern to you. As a community, </odra> is interested in the topics related to new technologies, information flows, spatial practices, new sensuality, corporeality, biodiversity, anxiety in the age of new media. However, we will consider every essay on any topic, even if it is outside the scope of our themes.

The best essays will be published on the platform, ODRA does provide detailed feedback and helps with improving the essay, editing and issues with translation from Russian to English. </odra> collective reserves the right not to publish an essay.

• the essay must be written in English,
• no word limit,
• accompanying images must be sent with the essay along with the copyright information,
• essay and pictures must be uploaded using the same link below,
• one author could offer more than one essay,
• the essay should not be of an explicitly promotional nature.
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