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Katya Ceppel, ODRA founder, journalist, PR adviser in arts and design. Katya launched ODRA with the support of Winzavod Foundation and Laboratory of New Media (2021).
Maria Kochergina, multimedia artist and designer, created visual strategy and identity of ODRA. Initiates art projects as a member of ODRA self-organised community.
Andrei Savenkov, Editor-in-Chief, journalist and an adviser with the Winzavod Foundation for Contemporary Art. Joined ODRA as curator in the Laboratory of New Media. Andrei develops editorial policy, edits texts and gives expert feedback to writers.
Lisa Merkulova, ODRA photographer. Photoeditor at Bol'shoy Gorod online Magazine.
ODRA is an open platform for art community from all over the post-Soviet territories. We are united by a common ghost of the past, while in the last thirty years after the Soviet Union, a variety of alternative cultural codes have appeared, we are here to explore them. Our mission is to help local authors and artists to be heard better in their region and beyond, and make it easier for them to integrate into a global art context.

Our goal is to create a virtual network of authors, participants of artistic processes, make it easier for them to collaborate with each other. Therefore anyone who shares our values and vision could join ODRA, offering their own format of contribution.

Each era has its own vulnerability, and in our times there are global socio-cultural transformations that change the identity of a person, entire nations and territories. It is important for ODRA participants to continue their activities in the period of turbulence and pressure of positions.

We believe that reflection on contemporary art, considering local historical background and current cultural transformations, is essential for better understanding of the past and future vision formation. So ODRA is interested in the different topics dedicated to modernity, from reflection on identity, post-corporeality, new sensibility, psychogeography and post-continentality to new technologies and post-human formation, in close relation to regional local specifics. While working on our own exhibition and research projects, we are open to highlight projects that align with our manifesto.

ODRA was launched in 2021 as a media platform helping Russia-based authors getting socialised in an English-speaking environment. At that time, we did not yet know what awaited us, and how the world would change. At the same time, the geography of the community began to expand rapidly, and it became clear for us that the post-Soviet phenomenon requires reflection, and projects in these territories today need publicity and support.
For ODRA it's important to bring authors, artists, researchers and others who are involved into art processes across the post-Soviet territories together. In a section /Networking, you will find ODRA members and everyone who has ever published a material or an artwork, or contributed to ODRA in any other way.